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FBB is a packet radio BBS developed by Jean-Paul Roubelat, F6FBB. On this page you'll find some of the utilities I wrote for this BBS type.

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My FBB utils

getservinfo [ Linux ] [ README ]
Getservinfo is a simple program which extracts info from the and init.srv files and outputs data in a shell readable form. It's meant to simplify writing servers using shell scripts. 7PREQ, REQFIL, REQDIR and REQZIP are included.
Current version: 0.2
reqlst [ Linux ] [ DOS ] [ Source ] [ README ]
REQLST is a server which enables BBS users to request the messages list. It's meant for TSTHOST and TPK users to allow them to retrieve the list as a compressed message. It has a powerful filter to reduce the size of the messages list and thus the download time. A TSTHOST macro to automate the process is included.
Current version: 2.02
retmail [ Linux ] [ DOS ] [ Source ] [ README ]
RETMAIL returns local messages for unknown users and messages which are about to expire before EPURMESS deletes them.
Current version: 2.0
chkfwd [ Linux ] [ DOS ] [ Source ] [ README ]
CHKFWD informs the sysop about msgs which are about to be returned by EPURMESS because they aren't correctly routed. It's meant to avoid msgs slipping through if for some reason the sysop forgot to take care of the route after he got an "UNKNOWN ROUTE" or "PING-PONG" msg from SYSTEM.
Current version: 1.0
makeidx [ Linux ] [ DOS ] [ Source ] [ README ]
MAKEIDX creates an index of all FBBDOS files. It scans all FBBDOS drives and outputs the files in each directory with the labels taken from the yapplbl.dat file. Requires FBB7 or newer.
Current version: Linux: 2.0, DOS:980508
mkusrlst [ Linux ] [ DOS ] [ Source ] [ README ]
MKUSRLST is a simple program which dumps the data from the user database (INF.SYS) to the standard output where it may be redirected to a file or processed by a pipe.
Current version: 1.0
mlist [ Linux glibc2 ] [ DOS ] [ Source ] [ README ]
MLIST is a powerful majordomo-like mailinglist-server for FBB.
Current version: 1.3 (DOS) 1.4 (Linux)
fbb.h [ Source ]
C headerfile. Needed to compile the sourcefiles on this page.

Not on this page due to lack of documentation. Drop me a line if you're interested.

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