My Thecus N2100 stuff

Adding SFTP to OpenSSH

OpenSSH on the Thecus N2100 comes without SFTP installed. This module adds SFTP support. Currently only root logins are supported. I'll add support for other users in another version. In the meanwhile login as root. Or if you really need other users to use sftp, edit /etc/passwd and give them a valid home directory (eg /raid) and loginshell (/bin/sh). This only works for sftp. Normal ssh logins won't work for some reason.

Obviously SSHD needs to run. To enable SSHD use Mshapf's SSH module. To login as root you need to change the root password. Use Mshapf's ROOT Password module to reset the password.

Download: SFTP.mod v1.0

Running nfsd on a Thecus N2100

This module installs an NFS server on your NAS. This is probably only interesting for Linux/*BSD and Mac OS X users. Performance is much better than SMB or AFP, so give it a try if you're using one of those systems! The current module does some uid mapping tricks. You either specify no mapping (ie the uids on both client and server are the same) or you map all client uids to 1 uid on the N2100. The latter is probably what most users will want to use. You can specify the uid mapping per exported directory.

Download: NFSD.mod v1.0


Just install the module and enable it. On the configuration page enter the directory you want to export. The directories are relative to /raid. Ie /foo means /raid/foo. Enter your subnet (eg or the IP address of one PC (eg, and select a user.

Now mount the exported directory as /raid/foo. In Mac OS X's finder: command-k, and enter nfs://yourn2100/raid/whatever. On a UNIX system enter: mount -t nfs nfs://yourn2100/raid/whatever /mnt

Please report any bugs or questions to n2100 at, or on the Thecus User Group forum.

Adding WebDAV support to Apache

This tar contains the Apache modules needed for adding WebDAV support to the N2100. The files are installed in /raid/module/webdav. The httpd.conf in that directory should be appended to /raid/module/cfg/httpd.conf. It should be easy to turn this into a N2100 module. I'll give it a try if I find some time ;) After installation enter /opt/apache/bin/apachectl restart. Your N2100 is now accessible as http://your.n2100.nas:81/ and https://your.n2100.nas:82/ from your favourite WebDAV client (eg MacOS X's Finder).

There's currently no ACL support within WebDAV in Apache. This means everybody who has WebDAV access has read/write access to every file and directory on your N2100. Install at your own risk.

UPDATE: Getmythe has turned this setup into a module! This one also contains some bugfixes (aborted downloads, Windows XP fixes)

Download: WEBDAV.mod.tgz

Small UPnP A/V server

This is the UPnP A/V server from the GeeXboX project. Unpack the tar file, and start uShare with /raid/module/ushare/ushare -C raid/module/ushare/ushare.conf

UPDATE: There's a module available now on ktula's weblog!

Download: GeeXboX uShare module for Thecus N2100